Turning the Hearts of Parents and Teenagers Toward Each Other
Thirty Days
Thirty Days

Mobilizing Your Ministry

  1. Order the number of 30 Days resources you roughly estimate you may need. Allow three full weeks for delivery.
  2. Enlist two or three families to begin the 30 Days experience. Choose families who can impact other students and parents.
  3. Plan your church's largest-ever gathering of parents and students for 30 days later. Plan to meet during Sunday School in the auditorium, chapel, fellowship hall, or youth area. (The weakest parents will not come on church property any other time).
  4. If it will increase attendance, serve a light breakfast or platform a respected counselor. Primarily, allow the families who just completed the 30 Days experience to describe what has happened in their relationships.
  5. Invite all the families to begin a 30 Days experience together that evening. (Motivation may wane if there's a delay). Direct families to tables to purchase 30 Days.
  6. Announce a celebration for the families about 30 days from that date. You may download complimentary Celebration Diplomas to the right.
  7. Store any remaining 30 Days resources for the families of rising seventh-graders and for families who join during the year. Get ready for some of the richest days you've ever spent in student ministry!
  8. You may use the graphic to the right on your website and promotional materials.

Celebration Diplomas



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