Turning the Hearts of Parents and Teenagers Toward Each Other
Thirty Days
Thirty Days
The 30 Days Experience Can 10 minutes a day for 30 days really make a difference? When it comes to building relationships between students and their parents, sometimes 30 days may be the best way to start. Developed by Richard Ross and Gus Reyes, this remarkable resource is designed to re-open the lines of communication and help families rebuild and even deepen their relationships.

Starting with just ten minutes each evening, parents and teens find a quiet place and, by candlelight, open and alternately read five cards, each designed to build heart connections. One mother called it "an incredible experience; eye-opening, tear-jerking, and heart-warming all at the same time."

To create 30 Days, Richard and Gus drew on both their extensive professional experience and on their personal desires to better relate with their own teenage children.
Reports Daughter Daughter — The 30 Days program has been one of the most rewarding programs I have ever done. Before this program, my mother and I were not close. Being close to her was something I really wanted to achieve, but did not know how to. The Lord knew this and put this program in my life for that special reason. I can't thank the good Lord enough because I am now achieving that closeness with my mother I have always wanted. I would recommend this program to all. It is so easy to do and it comes with a great reward. Not only my mother and my relationship grew, but my relationship with the Lord grew closer as well. Thank you Lord and thank you 30 Days.
Family Relationship Expert Dr. Gary Chapman is a Christian relationship counselor and author.Dr. Gary Chapman — For most parents, it is not a matter of sincerity but rather lack of information on how to communicate love effectively on an emotional level.

Richard Ross

Dr. Richard Ross of True Love Waits Richard is a Southwestern Seminary professor of student ministry, an author, and a spokesperson for True Love Waits.

Gus Reyes

Dr. Gus Reyes Gus is an author and director of Affinity Ministries and Hispanic Education for the Baptist General Convention of Texas.
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